TESTIMONIALS Click here to read some thoughts from people who have worked with Stephen in some capacity as an aritst, player, producer, label, etc.

Stephen views his role as a facilitator of creativity and values involvement in all aspects of the artistic process. He brings his own tendencies and influences as an artist from the pop/rock world and adds them to his experiences as a producer having also worked on projects ranging from gospel, to pop/R&B, country and bluegrass. His production approach is very much focused on each project having strong songs. As a producer he has intentionally worked on many styles of music. He places a high priority on pre-production in order to get ‘into the head’ of the artists with whom he is working. Of this process he says, “I love getting to know an artist. I want to see their artistic vision and expand it with what I have to offer. So much of quality production is the psychology of reading people well. If they’ve not yet ‘found themselves’ artistically then I want to be a part of starting them on that journey. If they've already gone through that journey then I want to facillitate that next phase. I want to push an artist beyond their perceived limits and expand their view of their own art so that at the end of a process they are completely satisfied that the final recording is an accurate extension of their own artistic tendencies....just stretched to a higher quality. The challenge for me means that I must stretchthe artist while helping them to make a great record that fits what they do best. This often pushes me out of my comfort zone. This approach must have priority over putting my own stamp or sound as a producer onto the project. This will always be a work in progress for me. This philosophy puts the artist first.”

One of Stephen's biggest pasions is song writing for himself and for other artists. Stephen is an active song writer in Nashvillle and travels to co-write as well. He writes pop, rock, country, and contempary Christian. "For me it is all about the song. This is where everything starts. Production is secondary."

Stephen has extensive experience in the project studio setting, large Nashville tracking rooms, and in the live setting with national acts such as Jars of Clay. He typically engineers and mixes most of his production projects. Outside of his production projects/clients Stephen actively engineers on various master, custom, and demosessions with many of Nashville's A list players, and producers. He is also frequently hired as a mix engineer for custom and label projects. In the studio setting his platform of experience is with Protools, Logic Pro, and various other platforms, consoles, etc. etc.

ARTIST: Stephen respectfully and subtly hints a myriad of influences from artists such as Neil Finn, Pink Floyd, U2, Jeff Buckley, Pete Yorn, Sting, Martin Sexton, and the Beatles. His instincts favor a broad mix of rock, pop, and folk. His experience as a touring artist placed him in venues from clubs, to colleges, and coffee houses. Stephen has played on a variety of stages with a full band and as a solo singer/songwriter. Both of his albums (recorded in the mid and late 90s) received positive reviews from national publications and critics. He hopes to take a brief break from producing and engineering in order to record his third solo album in the near future.

Stephen is originally from Columbia, S.C. but has lived in Nashville, TN since August of 1993. His wife, Kara is a
professional writer/blogger, recovering school teacher, an artist, an actor, and the best wife on the planet. They also have identical twin girls who "make life so worth living!".

1997--PRESENT-active producer /engineer /mixer/songwriter  (see discography page)
1995--2001-touring artist
1997-2004 Toured with artists such as Jars of Clay, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Ginny Owens, Silers Bald, etc etc as some combination of monitor engineer, FOH engineer, tech, road manager, or merch guy
:) He DOES NOT miss being on the road!
1993-1997—completed a degree in Commercial Music from Belmont University with emphasis in performance and production/engineering