studio title
On most of his production projects Stephen splits his time between various Nashville tracking rooms and his own tracking/mix studio, Invertigo Productions. Below is some information about his studio.

Stephen's services include:
Services include fulll production (master session, custom records, and demos), engineering services, tracking studio services, editing, etc.

Invertigo Studios serves as a comfortable setting for pre-production, song-writing, overdubs, editing, and full tracking sessions for many of Stephen’s production projects. The studio consists of a 16x12 control room, 20x12 tracking room, 4x4 vocal booth, and lounge. Check out the photos and new list of gear below!!!!


Protools HD 2 Accel
Apogee Big Ben Clock

Dual 8 core Mac Pro
3 Samsung 19inch monitors
32 cinema display

Various plugins, software synths, samplers, etc:
____Waves Renaissance Bundle
____Wave CLA Dynamics
____Waves SSL Bundle
____MCDSP Bundle
____Sound Toys Bundle
____Focusrite EQ, compressor, limiter
____Massey Limiter, Tape Delay, Desser, and Tape Head
____Pultec EQ
____Sans Amp
____Iszotope Ozone 4 mix/mastering software
____Various Bombfactory
____Native Instruments Classic Keys, Akoustic, and B4 instrument bundle
____M-Tron Pro, Expand, Hybrid, Reason, PSO4, PSO5, SampleTank, Ableton Lite
____Indigo, Analog Factory, BDF Lite, Mtron
____Beat Detective, Soundreplacer, APtrigga
____etc. etc. more that we've forgotten

Avid 192 with 16 I/O
Presonus Digimax LT pre's and converters (I endorse these products)
Ampex ATR-700 ¼ inch tape machine

Dangerous Audio Mix Bus LT-16 channels
2 Neve 33129 vintage mic pre's
2 Neve designed Amek Pure Path Channel Strip pre/eq/comp
2-610 Universal Audio Stereo Tube Mic Pre
API 6 space Lunch box
2 Shadow Hills Gamma 500series
A-Design P1 500 series (Quad 8 clone)
Chandler Germanium 500 series MKII
Presonus Central Station (I endorse these products)
Presonus Faderport
Furman HDS-6 cue sytem
2 Empirical Labs Distressors
dbx 1066 stereo compressor
2 dbx 160A compressors
Monster power conditioner

Lawson dual capsule clone of U47 and Tel251 (TUBE and FET mics)
Stereo Matched pair of AKG 451 mics
Pair of vintage Sennheiser 421 mics
Rode K2 multi-pattern tube mic
Stereo pair of Cascade Fat Head II ribbon mics
Shure SM 7 Dynamic Vocal Mic
3 Shure SM57 mic
AKG D112 kick/bass mic
Stereo pair of Audio Technica 4033s

Dynaudio BM15A monitors
Yamaha HS 50M monitors
M-Audio Powered Sub

1965 Gibson J45, other guitars/amps, 1929 Gulbranson fully upright piano, vintage lowry organ (thanks Shawn Stroope), 1960s Leslie, Rhodes piano, Vintage Silvertone reed organ, USA maple Gretsch Drum Kit, sundry of other toys

You might get bored if this keeps going. In a perfect world, new gear arrives several times a year.