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"Stephen has that knack great producers have, the ability to see the big picture of a song/project, push artists to go deeper in all phases, and push all the right buttons from start to finish of a project to make magic happen. He cares more about your songs than he does your money, and that's priceless"
Ryan Lafferty

I am such a huge fan of working with Stephen. He produced my entire first album 'Pieces' and 4 songs from my second album 'Catch & Release'. He's incredibly professional, hardworking and just an overall great guy. I highly recommend Stephen to any musicians/songwriters trying to take their music to the next level!
Matt Simons

Stephen produced 2 albums (mixed the second one) and so many other songs/projects for me. Love working with him. Always a good experience with incredible turnaround times. I would definitely recommend!
Brad Passons

Stephen did a great job mixing John Heinrich's "Still Fallen" album that I co-wrote and produced. He was super helpful on working towards achieving our vision for the project. He's also a really good co-writer. We wrote a song, "Change Your Mind," that wound up on my band, Jackopierce's, album, "Everywhere All the Time." Plus - he's a good dude
Cary Pierce
producer and artist (Jackopierce)

"Working with Stephen is a great experience. He's always ready to offer creativity and direction, but more than anything, it's his unique ability to listen."
Cory Bonanno

"Beyond the professional qualiities as a studio and mix engineer, Stephen Gause is everything you want in a producer.  He is musically intuitive and current, he is standout among many producers in that he is not just a  "tune it and time it" type of guy but he has an ear and a feel for a song.  Suffice to say that Stephen is a good leader in the studio.  Stephen front loads the day with the dirty work done ahead of time so that the enviroment remains creative and efficient.  If it hasn't been said Stephen is also just a really great guy to be around and those are the people you know you want to work with.  Some of the standout tracks he worked with us on are "Cathedral", and "All at War". Both songs have had nods in several published critical columns."
Jason Germain
keys, guitar, vocals--Downhere (Centricty Music)

"Stephen has this uncanny ability to see a song's maturity in it's infancy; what a song could be as opposed to what it is.  His ear seems to have more understanding of your music than you do.  When you are finished making an album with Stephen, you leave not only elated with the outcome but grateful to the contribution he has made to you as an artist."
David Davis

"I find producers tend to get hung up on one of two extremes. Some ascribe to the idea that you should just let the process happen and let it go where it goes. Others are so hands on and controlling that there's little life left in the music. Stephen has a great balance between these two poles... sensitive and respectful of the artist's involvement, but engaged enough to shape a track toward the vision he has for it. My work with him has been nothing but enjoyable, and has yielded great results for our company."
John Mays
VP of A&R, Centricity Music

“Working with Stephen made the creative process pleasurable, organized, and challenging. My musicianship and writing was toned and carved into a great product through Stephen’s balance of creativity and logistical thinking. Stephen has great ideas and a tenacity that exceeds most of your everyday producers in regards to making a timeless product.”
Micah Dalton

"Stephen has a keen ability to develop artists.  He always pushes artists to express themselves through their music while at the same time stretching them with his knowledge and experience.  The overtime that he spends on a project shows the committment and dedication that Stephen has to each individual album.  I will definitely work with Stephen again in the future."
Nathan Angelo

"Working with Stephen, I have noticed that he always shows up to the session well prepared--yet he remains open to ideas that flow in the moment which may take the arrangement of the song into unexpected territory. He is song-oriented and performance-oriented; he sees the big picture of the song and the artist while at the same time noticing the details of sound and feel."
James Gregory
producer / session bassist

"It was such a great opportunity to work with Stephen. I know few people that are as focused and hard-working . He also has the unique gift of being able to look inside of an artist and pull out their best. While some producers have a process that they run all of their clients through, Stephen focuses on making sure each record reflects who the artist truly is. I came to learn much about myself in the process."
Paul Reeves

Stephen mixed and mastered my 10th record and killed it! He is super easy to work with, he listens well to not only the song and how to service it best, but also, recommendations and thoughts that I brought to the table. He's encouraging, a great dude, and I highly recommend him in any capacity as recording needs come up in your career
Christopher Williams

"Choosing new creative people to work with is always a risk. There are some things you just can't know until you work with someone, so you choose based on what you do know. I met with several producers before I met with Stephen, and I chose Stephen based on his character and previous work. He was clearly a hard worker and an easy hang, and he had produced some great sounding albums. It wasn't until we got half way through the recording process that I was fully aware of how well things were turning out. Not only had Stephen become a good friend, but he had turned out to be just what I needed as a producer. He had great ideas that complimented my own, and was always aware of where I was coming from as an artist. He brought the best out of me and I would recommend him to anyone."
Beau Bristow

"Stephen is an amazing talent, from Writing to Producing and everything in-between. Working on my record 'Rise and Shine' with such a focused, dedicated, and passionate person was truly an honor!"
Derek Stroker

"Stephen Gause: A premium blend of professionalism, creativity, and efficiency. A pleasure to work with. Fantastic results. Highly recommended."
Jesse Bonanno

"I couldn't be happier working with Stephen, it was like workin' with a brother I never knew I had!"
Zachary Kale

"He is dead sexy"  
Bryan Brown
Worship Leader

"Stephen gave me exactly what I wanted!  And best of all he was extremely professional and reasonable while staying extremely cool and un-biased with my music. A rarity."
Darnell Levine

"Choosing to record with Gause was one of the best decisions I made when I moved to Nashville. He's not only an AMAZING producer/mixer/engineer, but a fun hang, and a great friend. Thank you Stephen!"
Steve Means

"Stephen's producing, mixing and engineering skills pulled together our songs to create a flawlessly
succinct album. Invertigo Studios generated a vast array of sounds that continued to captivate our band
throughout recording."
Chuck Starks
drummer, Brenn

"Stephen was an important part of our touring crew for a number of years. Most recently he oversaw our monitoring system. He was always very attentive to our in-ear monitor needs, and ready to make changes from night to night, or discuss how we could get more consistent mixes on stage. Stephen has become family to us, and we are very thankful for his hard work, and great attitude."
Charlie Lowell
keyboards, Jars of Clay

"Working with Stephen was amazing. He had a vision for my music that far exceeded my own expectations. His approach was always focused on making me a better artist. Stephen has a commitment to excellence that drives him, and a passion for Jesus that guides him. I cant wait to do another project with him."
Keith Roberts

"I remember hearing the final product of our album and thinking 'Wow, this sounds really good'. Stephen did an amazing job of nurturing our ideas and blending his as well. Our time in the studio was always encouraging and a lot of fun."
Roddy Dinsmore
artist, Origami